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Phone Number: +6 (088) 522 888


These awards were presented to Hotel Grandis as a global recognition of ultimate achievement in service excellence. Here is a list of our most recent awards:

The Certificate of Excellence honors accommodations, restaurants
and attractions that consistently receive great traveler reviews on
TripAdvisor. Review ratings, overall rating and quantity and recency
of reviews are used to determine Certificate of Excellence recipients.
Hotel Grandis is a winner of:

  1. Trip Advisor 2018 Excellence Award – Hotel Grandis
  2. Trip Advisor 2018 Travellers’ Choice Award – Hotel Grandis
  3. Trip Advisor 2017 Excellence Award – Hotel Grandis
  4. Trip Advisor 2015 Excellence Award – Hotel Grandis

Every year, like to celebrate properties with an average
score of 8.0 and above, from 10 or more reviews online. They know
these properties have offered great guest experiences, and the Guest
Review Awards are a great way to showcase this achievement.
Hotel Grandis is a winner of:

  1. Guest Review Award 2017 – Grandis Hotels
    and Resorts
  2. Guest Review Award 2016 – Grandis Hotels
    and Resorts
  3. Guest Review Award 2015 – Grandis Hotels
    and Resorts
  4. Guest Review Award 2014 – Grandis Hotels
    and Resorts

The Gold Circle Award recognizes accommodation partners who
work closely with agoda to go above and beyond the standard
internet offering. The selection criteria to determine award
recipients include consistently glowing customer reviews;
competitive pricing in the marketplace; diligent utilization of agoda’s
custom-built YCS (Yield Control System); and a willingness to work
with agoda to create faster, easier bookings worldwide.
Hotel Grandis is a winner of:

  1. Gold Circle Award – Hotel Grandis 2017
  2. Gold Circle Award – Hotel Grandis 2016
  3. Gold Circle Award – Hotel Grandis 2015

To receive a gold award from, properties must have
received an average customer review score of 4.7 or higher, based
on a minimum of 50 reviews. To receive a ‘best for’ award, the 50
hotels with the highest average customer review score in each
category were chosen, based on a minimum of 20 reviews.
Hotel Grandis is a winner of:

  1. Loved by Guests Award 2018
  2. Loved by Guests Award 2017
  3. Loved by Guests Award 2016
  4. Excellent Guest Review Score Award 2015



Hotel Grandis is a winner of:

  1. Ctrip International ‘Best Supporting’ Award 2017
  2. Ctrip Travelers’ Top Spots ‘2017 Best Family Hotel’ Award
  3. Ctrip Travelers’ Top Spots ‘2016 Best Business Travel Hotel’ Award
  4. Ctrip International ‘Best Supporting’ Award 2015


Hotel Grandis is the recipient of the Blue Ribbon Award in recognition being one of the few hotels in Kota Kinabalu to adopt a 100% smoke-free indoor environment and for enforcing smoke-free zones in their premises.

The prestigious award was awarded by the Ministry of Health as an initiative to support the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

In Malaysia, the recognition is awarded by the Ministry of Health Promotion Board (MySihat) a statutory body under the Ministry of Health and the selection is carried out after consultation with WHO.


HotelsCombined recognize Grandis Hotels and Resorts amongst the best hotels in Malaysia based on gathering data from millions of guest reviews, and translating them to an official Recognition of Excellence.

Grandis Hotels and Resorts boasts a high satisfaction rating among guests and travel industry experts, receiving 1608 reviews for an impressive rating of 8.4 out of 10.