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Local Attraction


Words cannot describe the beauty that belies the state of Sabah. From the bustling state capital of Kota Kinabalu to the awe-inspiring Sepilok forest reserves, Sabah never ceases to amaze. Here at Grandis we seek to help you explore this wonderful state. Create your own story as you soak in the best that Sabah has to offer.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu serves as the main gateway to Sabah. From its diverse cultural heritage to the unique food. There are many things to do around the city. Here are a few of our favourites.


Gaya Street Market

Held every Sunday morning along the quaint Gaya Street, it is always filled with locals and tourists alike! Here you can purchase handmade arts and craft.

Getting there: 10 minutes walk from Grandis.
Recommendation: Go before 9am to avoid the crowd.

Fun fact: Gaya Street serves as the commercial centre of the city and there are many local delights to sample at the numerous coffeehouses.


Tunku Abdul Rahman Islands

It is not just Sabah’s East Coast that is blessed with beautiful islands. Explore the five cluster of islands that are just a short boat ride away.

Getting there: The jetty is 5 minutes walk from Grandis.

Recommendation: Our favourite island, Pulau Sapi, is the smallest island but it is rich in marine and coral life.

Fun fact: Pulau Gaya was the original trading settlement of the British North Borneo Chartered Company.


Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village

There are various galleries to visit at Sabah’s most popular museum.

Getting there: The museum is a 10 minutes taxi ride from Grandis.
Recommendation: Visit the heritage village and walk-through the traditional houses of indigenous groups.

Fun fact: In the past, this site has served as the Government house and Legislative Assembly.


Kota Kinabalu Wetlands

This 24-hectare sanctuary is the only remaining patch of a once extensive forest mangrove.

Getting there: The sanctuary is a 10 minutes taxi ride from Grandis.
Recommendation: Take a guided-walk thru the 1.5km boardwalk and try to spot the 80 different species of bird.

Fun fact: Mangroves act as a natural coastal defence against strong tidal waves.



Nothing completes the list like Kota Kinabalu’s spectacular sunset. Voted as one of the best amongst travellers, find a spot along the coast to enjoy the view.

Recommendation: You can enjoy the sunset from our rooftop bar, Waterfront esplanade or Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort.

Fun fact: Kota Kinabalu is famous for its vivid sunsets, did you know they are caused by dust?


Mount Kinabalu National Park

The majestic national park is one of the most visited attractions in Sabah.

Getting there: You will need to arrange for transport and it takes around 90 minutes to reach the national park.
Recommendation: If you want to hike the mountain, you have to plan ahead at there is a daily limit of 120 hikers.


Scuba Diving

Sabah is a scuba diver’s paradise, from Pulau Sipadan to Pulau Mabul to the Tunku Abdul Rahman park, the list goes on. Beginners are also able to learn thru a dive instructor.

Getting there: There are so many locations to choose from!
Recommendation: Pulau Sipadan, one of the best dive destination in the world.

To find out more about Kota Kinabalu and Sabah, we recommend Sabah Tourism’s Website. You can visit the website by clicking on this link.